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 Canyonlands Healthcare

Meet Our Governing Board

Canyonlands Healthcare is governed by a consumer/community driven board. The present board of directors consists of 11 voting members. The board is a reflection of the diverse patient population served by Canyonlands Healthcare.

The board of directors is governed by its bylaws which are strongly based on guidance provided by the Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC). One of the key requirements of a Community Health Center board of directors is that 51% must be active users of the services provided by the organization.

All board members are expected to participate on board committees and attend regularly scheduled meetings. Committee structure is outlined in the board bylaws and includes the following:

  • Audit and Finance
  • Quality Improvement
  • Corporate Compliance
  • By-laws/Nominating
  • Executive

The Canyonlands Healthcare board has the authority to:

  • Directly employ, select/dismiss and evaluate the CEO;
  • Adopt policies and procedures for personnel and financial management;
  • Establish center activities, hours of operation and priorities; and
  • Approve an annual budget.





Michael Byrnes - Representing Page, AZ

Vice President

Father Tom Maikowski - Representing Page, AZ


Richard "Dick" Baker - Representing Globe/Miami, AZ


Paulette C. LeBlanc - Representing Safford, AZ



Thomas Bradley - Representing Chilchinbeto, AZ

Mel Peterson - Representing Beaver Dam, AZ

William Justice - Representing Page, AZ

Beverly Becenti-Pigman - Representing Kayenta/Chilchinbeto, AZ

Saundra Gaines - Representing Safford, AZ

Annette Newman - Representing Clifton, AZ



Canyonlands Healthcare
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Page, AZ 86040
Phone: 928-645-9675
Fax: 928-645-2626 fax
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