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 Financial Assistance


AHCCCS Enrollment

Our financial counselors can help people with limited income to enroll in AHCCCS over the internet. This provides faster processing and shorter wait times. There is no separate interview with an AHCCCS or DES caseworker needed.

Sliding Fee Programs

Canyonlands Healthcare offers a sliding fee program designed to make quality health care available to people who lack adequate insurance and have limited income. Qualifying members of the program have access to all the quality health care services at Canyonlands Healthcare locations at a reduced rate. Based on individual financial circumstances, the program allows members to pay variable rates from a minimum of $5.00, up to 75% of the office visit charges.

There is no charge to apply for the sliding fee program. However, it is available only to those who meet the eligibility requirements. We recommend all patients who meet the requirements apply for the program, regardless of current insurance coverage, as they may still qualify for discounts on the balance due after insurance. If you want more information about the sliding fee program, please ask to see our Patient Services Representatives at any location. To qualify, an application must be completed and Proof of Income (most recent tax return, check stubs, Affirmation of Income, etc.) must be provided for verification.

For rates, open the PDFs below, find your family size on the left, then find your household income on the right, follow the shaded column down to find the percentage you are required to pay.

SFS Dental-2015


SFS Mirena-2015

SFS Medical-2015

SFS OB-2015

SFS Behavioral Health-2015

SFS Circumcisions


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